The exact boundaries of the current College Area Eruv extend to the east at 67th St. and El Cajon Blvd (Excluding Ralphs), south-west along El Cajon Blvd. until 54th St., North along Collwood Blvd. until Montezuma (excluding Collwood), east along Montezuma until El Cajon Blvd. One MUST walk on the south side of Montezuma.

CAUTION: Along Montezuma from College Avenue until El Cajon there are is a “HOT SPOT” that one must watch for. On the south side of Montezuma one must walk around a pole, within the wire, in order to remain inside of the Eruv. The pole is located between Catoctin and El Cajon (on the grass lawn in front of the Dorchester apartment complex).