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It is everyone’s community obligation, at a minimum, to make an appropriate “general donation” of $52 or greater in support of the College Area Eruv

Consider this: On Shabbos, if you or your guests push a stroller or wheelchair, carry a sefer or talis bag, bring food to others, carry a child or their toy, etc, you could not do it without the College Area Eruv.

College Area Eruv Guidelines


The College Area Eruv Corp. is committed to the ongoing supervision and checking of the Eruv. The Eruv Vaad Halacha continues to consult with Talmidei Chachamim versed in the intricacies of Eruvin regarding both construction and maintenance of the Eruv. Wherever and whenever a problem develops, the College Area Eruv Corp. will move as quickly as possible to fix it. Nevertheless, weather conditions and other natural and manmade problems will sometimes cause an Eruv to fail. Nobody should use the Eruv without making sure it is operational for that Shabbos. Therefore, EVERY Erev Shabbos one should check this website for the status for that week.

Please note that even if the Eruv was operational before Shabbos, a storm or strong winds during the course of Shabbos will presumably disqualify it. In case of storm or the like, assume the Eruv is not operational and desist from its usage.


To avoid disappointment and inadvertent Chilul Shabbos (Desecration of Shabbos), no Kiddush, bar mitzvah, bris, aufruf, or other joyous event should be planned under the assumption that the Eruv will be operational. Preparations should proceed as if there is no Eruv. Examples of such advance planning include that food should be brought to the location before Shabbos, a copy of the bar mitzvah boy’s speech should be brought to shul before Shabbos, and the like. One should not assume that an event will take place outdoors.